Monday, May 2, 2011

How does Land Use Relate to Transportation?

Land Use patterns do not happen in a vacuum, they are dependent on other features such as the transportation system and location of utilities. Before we can determine tools for changing our land use patterns, we must consider how these elements influence land use in our community.

The current relationship between land use and transportation in Forsyth County is that our low-density land use pattern is extremely auto-dependent. In most cases, people have to drive to get from their home to shopping, services or work. Transit use remains fairly low in our county. Currently, daily vehicle miles in Forsyth County translate into 30.5 miles per day for every person in the county.

The remainder of the Land Use Discussion will include questions that are also related to transportation.

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Anonymous said...

People live where they can afford to live, they live where their needs are met, schools are good, retail is accessible. If we really had great mass transit, it would be great to be able to walk a block and jump on a train, trolley or bus and go to the grocery store! Pick up stamps or a prescrition, or drop off dry cleaning. I would never drive my car if I could walk a few blocks to a bus or train. You must design a transit system that goes where the people live, takes them to where they work or shop, and make it as unobtrusive as possible.