Monday, May 9, 2011

Regionally Coordinated Transportation Planning

A good regional transportation system is important for attracting and retaining businesses and residents. A myriad of agencies and boards are responsible for transportation planning at the local and the regional level. The Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation (PART) serves as a regional transportation planning agency which also undertakes efforts to promote regional mobility and sustainable growth patterns in the Triad.

How should transportation planning responsibilities be coordinated among organizations?

Should one agency have ultimate responsibility or authority?

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JRL said...

Too much power should not be vested in any one agency without a mandate to coordinate with other agencies. For example, PART, WSFC Utilities, etc. should coordinate not only with WSDOT and NCDOT, but also with air, water and land protection agencies and organizations. No organization should be given unfair advantage to planning and decision making by being able to sit at the table as was done routinely for the local Home Builders Association during the drafting of LEGACY. It was a rare day when one of their staff was not at a meeting. When they were there, they were always given a chance to have input. This prohibition should apply to any “hired” or supplemented individuals. We MUST start listening to the people, not those who are seeking to improve private finances and have self-serving influence. We should be fair and balanced. [Although, the HBA folks were intelligent and brought some good information to the table, their input was of significant volume.]