Monday, May 9, 2011

Alphabet Soup:
Who's Who in Transportation

Winston-Salem Metropolitan Planning Organization Boundaries

Numerous organizations are involved in transportation planning in Forsyth County:

WSDOT - Winston-Salem Department of Transportation plans, designs, constructs and operates the system of bike routes, roads and traffic signals in Winston-Salem to aid the flow of traffic and minimize congestion.

MPO - The Metropolitan Planning Organization is responsible for carrying out the transportation planning process in the Winston-Salem Urban Area. The Winston-Salem Department of Transportation serves as the Lead Planning Agency and provides primary staff for the Winston-Salem Urban Area MPO.

TAC - The Transportation Advisory Committee is the decision making body of the MPO and is composed of elected officials from Forsyth County, the City of Winston-Salem and other member governments as well as representatives from other organizations. The TAC serves as a forum for cooperative transportation planning and is responsible for approving planning documents and reports.

TCC - The Technical Coordinating Committee is composed of key staff representatives from the MPO member governments and other local, State and federal government agencies which are directly related to and concerned with the transportation planning process for the Winston-Salem Urban Area. The TCC makes recommendations to the TAC based upon technical expertise.

PART - The Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation serves as a regional transportation planning agency which also undertakes efforts to promote regional mobility and sustainable growth patterns in the Triad. PART is best known for its regional bus routes and van pooling program.

NCDOT - The North Carolina Department of Transportation is primarily responsible for State road maintenance and safety programs. The NCDOT also oversees the administration of federal/State money for projects that benefit the traveling public, helps communities increase transportation choices and access, and works to enhance the environment.

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