Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Putting your input to good use:

Now that you've seen the discussion drafts and commented on the first twelve chapters of the Legacy 2030 Update, the Planning Board and staff will use your input as they come up with recommendations for each topic. Recommendations will be posted here from February to April 2012. In May, we will hold a series of community meetings in diverse locations around the city and county to allow further comment and discussion about the chapters and recommendations. Upon completion of these meetings, the Planning Board will again review your comments and make any needed revisions for a public hearing draft.

The final phase of citizen input will be the City-County Planning Board public hearing, which we are planning for July 2012. The public hearing will give the Planning Board another opportunity to hear from you, consider any comments, make any revisions that they believe are appropriate, and forward their recommendation for the Legacy Update to the elected bodies of the County and its municipalities. Each of those bodies will conduct their own public hearing before taking final action to adopt the Update.

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