Thursday, October 20, 2011

Comment Deadline: October 26th

We'll be taking feedback on the Legacy Update's geographic chapters -- Downtown & The Center City, Neighborhoods & Towns, and Rural Character until the end of the day Wednesday, October 26th. What's your vision for the future of these areas?


Downtown & The Center City


Anonymous said...

If Liberty Street were to become more developed, it could connect what's happening on Trade and 4th. Once you've got the border going, businesses would be interested in filling in the empty spaces on 5th and other streets throughout downtown.

Anonymous said...

The old Niblock Typewriter Office (next to Insight) would make a great small grocery store. Perhaps one of the express Harris Teeters could go there. Great parking right next door!

Anonymous said...

After sending following email after library rights had been restored=still couldn't WORK on the internet[And nobody has/is holding county responsible for the psycholocigal/trama especerienced which includes TERA [play on words] Wood?[play on words][hired in the children's dept when library put me out for the 5th to 6th time without a reason]. If a person has been harassed and intimidated/think the council man said BEFORE the 2:00 meeting that the County should be held responsible=what happen? I don't qualify as a citizen[I was borned in Winston-Salem Forsyth County].

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Following is a copy of email sent to:


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2. Then computer system was later switched over to S.A.M. [Smart Access Manager];

3. Following are some of the communications that would be available:

a. 7-29-04 [Notarized letter to S------ ---l--] ; Re: Access to Internet concerning that fines had been paid on]
b. 1-07-06 [letter] [statement that it is okay to sit with another person at a computer; from N. C. Room];
d. 3-19-07 [copy] Access denied to [WSFC Library];
e. 4-05-07 [copy] Access denied to {WSFC Library];
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q. 2-17-09 [copy] [Status Blocked-cards/blog][WSFC Library];
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to send me a copy.

Thank You,
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Marva Reid said...

*Pedestrian friendly streets.
*upgrades on Metro activity Centers.
* Stop the Gentrification in East Winston & Restore our Historical Landmarks and other properties.
*Move Ashley School to the old 14Th Street School Site for the area to be dedicated to the youth of our community and to bring it out of the Walletpop 27105 Dangerous area.
*Support the Winston Lake Plan for and Aquatic Pool and other amenities for our area!

Koh samui villa said...

I think that it's good for the community. Thanks.