Thursday, September 1, 2011

Discuss: Gentle Density

 Many areas of the country are using “gentle density” for increasing the number of housing units and providing affordable housing. Gentle density can include detached accessory units or urban residential products (duplex, triplex, quadraplex, townhouse units) in infill locations.

How can our community create gentle density?

Where is it appropriate?

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Anonymous said...

Keep these uses allowable in most zoning. When I was young they used to be in most locations. Only recently have neighborhood busybodies with nothing on their minds but PROPERTY VALUES bullied zoning boards to make micromanage property owners and make neighborhoods homogeneous. We need diversity in all neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

Terrific self regulating (property owners living on the same property as renters) method for developing density in the first generation suburbs This may work in the area bounded by Silas Creek Parkway, Polo Rd, the Airport, and Route 311.