Thursday, September 1, 2011

Discuss: Rehabilitation and Adaptive Reuse

Some residential and non-residential buildings in Urban Neighborhoods need rehabilitation.

Do we need additional programs to ensure rehabilitation of residential, commercial and industrial buildings?

How can more adaptive reuse be encouraged?

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Anonymous said...

Adaptive usages can be encouraged when people aren't required to meet ridiculous building standards.

evelynjane said...

I understand the tenet of comment#1, yet know certain criteria are absolutely necessary. Our trouble seems to always use both poles/extremes instead of looking for solutions usually found somewhere in the middle of the must do regulations with reasonable debate and study. While standards are necessary, some from the past should be measured against current methods of innovative thinking and tested methods. Leave room for creative thinking for rehabilitation and adaptation of formerly used spaces and buildings. No new earth is being created and truly an inventory of opportunity exists for newly created growth from our past if we look at it without prejudice. I could go on but would like to hear what others think. Thanks for allowing this process.