Thursday, September 1, 2011

Discuss: Corridor Development

Corridors with increased residential density and mixed-use development at key locations will function as future multi-modal transportation arterials. However, more intense residential and commercial development along Corridors may be incompatible with adjacent low-intensity development.

How do we identify appropriate locations for more intense development?

How do we make sure there is a density transition between significantly different densities?

Should Corridor Overlay Districts be created to produce the intended development pattern and compatibility?

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Anonymous said...

keep intense development to center city locations. Do not create more sprawl.

Anonymous said...

I think this is a tricky one. People who moved to a place when it was "country" are not going to be happy when the city "comes out to meet them." I don't really blame them.
As much as we can, we should focus development Downtown, as well as in other areas where development has already occurred (Stratford Rd., Hanes Mall Blvd, Robin Hood Rd. Country Club Rd, East Winston, Silas Creek/Peters Creek intersection, etc.).
We need to be careful, though. For example, some folks see the large office building at the corner of Stratford and Oakwood as a threat to the character of that community. So far, it hasn't turned out that way, I think. But such concerns make sense.
More questions than answers - sorry.