Thursday, September 1, 2011

Discuss: Public Spaces

Usable and comfortable urban public open space such as plazas should be provided within mixed-use centers to serve as focal points and community gathering spots.

How can we ensure that public spaces are developed and that they are well designed?

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Anonymous said...

We need an outdoor lighting ordinance to prohibit excessive flood lighting and uplight and glare at night.

Places to sit outside under trees, nice vistas.

Unknown said...

Hanes Park needs handicap accessible restrooms. I understand from being on previous task forces that the park was "grandfathered in" after the ordinance took affect, however, our citizens with disabilities cannot easily attend events in Hanes park. Attending a high school baseball game is a burden and sometimes undoable as is just taking a stroll without access to a restroom. The tennis court ones are often locked.

Wake Wagner said...

We need the downtown park space done (4th St Civil Plaza). The current idea is overblown and too expensive and the idea of raising it to put parking will cut 3rd st. off from downtown forever.

Keep the Pedestrian Bridge... tie 3rd Ts. into 4th through the park as a natural expansion of downtown... we do not need to spend $13m on 25 parking places...

We need a park there now!