Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Suburban Neighborhood Issue: More Livable and Sustainable

Transforming subdivisions into a more sustainable development pattern is difficult since they were not designed or built for flexibility or change. Some options for adapting existing subdivisions include: creating a network of connecting streets; adding open space, parks and greenways; constructing sidewalks; retrofitting wide roads with bike lanes; and assuring that needed services are located nearby. These changes will allow residents to use multiple modes of transportation and not just rely exclusively on the automobile. One additional way of creating better connectivity for bicycles and pedestrians in suburban areas is to continue to build a system of greenways which link both existing and new subdivision development to one another.


Anonymous said...

Greenways are nice in theory but by definition have to seize someone's property or add bike/pedestrian traffic in someone's backyard. No neighborhood greenways! Keep the bike paths next to the main roads for safety and for privacy!

tdillon said...

Neighborhood greenways are an obvious solution for getting kids to school and adults to shopping centers, etc., without more car traffic. The one in our neighborhood did not take anyone's land, other than the city's.