Thursday, August 25, 2011

Discuss: Connecting Downtown to Other Activity Nodes

Downtown is one of the largest centers of activity in Forsyth County and the Triad.

How do we better connect this area with other Activity Nodes in the county?

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Anonymous said...

There seem to be plenty of parking spaces downtown. There is a big lot just off 4th St., just up from the Milton Rhodes Center. It's not clear, however, where and when - or if - we are allowed to park there. I've parked there many times without a problem, but I'm never really sure my car will be there when I return. Better signs would help.
I might be inclined to take a bus downtown, particularly if there were downtown stops other than the bus station.
I'd love to see bike racks for parking my bike safely downtown. I think people who worked downtown might decide to take their bikes.

Anonymous said...

I agree with all previous comments regarding parking and alternative transportation. Recognizing that bus service is a chicken and egg situation (ridership before route expansion or vice versa?), it seems that expanding bus service hours to outlying activity nodes would increase ridership. For example, I do not ride the bus because I can't catch a ride home after 6pm. I also support stops just outside of downtown, particularly at Hanes Park or the Central YMCA. It would be great to link outlying YMCAs to downtown, as the Y is often a place where people go directly before or after work, and most of them have large parking lots.