Thursday, August 25, 2011

Discuss: Interstate Highway Improvements

How do we take advantage of proposed bridge and interchange improvements on US 52 and Business 40 to provide functional and aesthetically improved gateways into Downtown and the Center City?

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Wake Wagner said...

Its hard to imagine... but seems necessary. Broad St. simply can not carry the traffic it does now and looks to be impossible to widen it. (even if it were possible I think it would be a bad idea)

I would like to se medians down broad St. and the traffic routed down Peters Creek and Cherry/Marshal (which makes more sense than that Main St. location as it is already University Pkwy. on the other side of downtown)

Anonymous said...

The only way to improve traffic concerns and improve the Hwy 52/Bus 40 interchange is for Winston-Salem and Forsyth County to push for the State to build the Eastern/Northern Beltway. All of the mayors in Forsyth County have pushed for this. Many residents have to travel 52 and 40 on a daily basis and they will all tell you it is needed, because of the traffic and safety concerns. Hwy 52 should not be an interstate and that is what it is now - because of I74 traffic. Most progressive cities have a beltway for that reason...Winston-Salem is really behind times.

Anonymous said...

I'd like these bridges and the roads they connect to be pedestrian-friendly and bicycle-friendly. I think we also need better on-off ramps for Business 40. Now the ramps are too short, not enough time to merge.