Thursday, June 23, 2011

Comment Before July 31st!

Before we can move on with the Legacy Update, we need your input on the following six topics. We'll be accepting comments until July 31st. Click on any and all of the subjects below to view our Community Discussion Questions. Go to the "comments" section of each post and give your thoughts. Your input will help shape how your community grows!

Economic Development


Lee L. French said...

Question #1 in Transportation (Transportation in Downtown and Central Winston-Salem) does not appear online. I am submitted my response to Question #1 on the handout given at the June 7 meeting:

Regarding alternative transportation, a railway or trolley system in locations suggested by expert analysis would be a good addition. Also, efficient public transportation between adjacent zones.

Legacy 2030 said...

The topics of transportation and land use overlap. Although it was on the Transportation card at our last metting, the question you're referring to is actually in the Land Use Discussion online.
Here's a link: