Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Progress Still Needed

Even with all the work that has been completed, progress on several of the strategies listed within the 2001 Legacy Plan is either still ongoing or has not yet occurred. The City of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County are continuously working to identify sources of funding for the purchase of conservation easements and Natural Heritage sites, but money is difficult to find for land protection and fragile sites are in danger of development.

Degraded urban streams are identified on an ongoing basis and considered for restoration. Unfortunately, a program for the restoration of these streams has yet to be developed.

Reclamation plans for reuse of all existing public landfills are only partially complete. While closure plans exist, specific plans for park reuse of the landfills and the identification of funding sources have not been finished. The Hanes Mill Road site should be in service until 2030, and the Old Salisbury Road Landfill should still be in service until 2021.

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