Friday, May 6, 2011

Keeping you in the loop

One major project that has been on the books for years in Forsyth County is the Northern Beltway. The project is made up of three sections for a total length of 34 miles. Unfortunately, the project has been tied up due to numerous issues from problems with the Environmental Impact Statement to changes in how the State allocates money for beltway projects. Many people in the community see this project as crucial both from a traffic management standpoint as well as an essential economic development driver. Citizens with properties in the right-of-way have been left holding properties they can neither sell or improve.

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Anonymous said...

The beltway only serves to destroy the little remaining good agricultural land we have. If the planning department is proud of what they have done to the southeastern corner of this county they need to reevaluate their actions. The best farmland in the se part has been ruined by ugly housing development and older homes have fallen to greedly developers and DOT wanting to widen existing roads for more development. Sidewalks to nowhere..why? Roads ending at fields...Connectivity? Street lights no one wants...we like seeing the stars. McMansions on micro lots with no trees...ugly.