Monday, May 9, 2011

Community Discussion: Transportation

Look for the Discussion Bubble for specific community issues that can help us develop a growth strategy. Most relate to our three Legacy Update themes: Sustainable Growth, Livable Design and Fiscal Responsibility.

Like most communities, Forsyth County is changing its view of what transportation planning should entail. Below is a list of specific community issues for discussion that can help us to develop a comprehensive transportation strategy.


Anonymous said...

Having served as a member of the public on the original Legacy Plan transportation group back in the mid 1990's, I have several concerns with respect to the new 2011 Legacy Plan. The success of the new plan is dependent on who is on the new Steering Committee that will determine the recommendations with respect to future planning in Forsyth County. At the conclusion of the 5 years of the original Legacy group meetings the Steering Committee comprised of mainly the business community that had their own agenda. Having attended several Steering Committee meetings, simply as a concerned public observer it bothered me that several of the transportation group’s recommendations weren't even discussed because they were not part of the Steering Committee's agenda. As a previous member of the first Legacy transportation group it would be helpful for the public to know who will be on the new 2011 Legacy Steering Committee.

Mr. C. Robin Dean

Legacy 2030 said...

The process of updating Legacy can and should be shorter than the lengthy process of preparing the original plan from scratch. Given that this is an update that builds on the foundation of the 2001 Legacy Plan, the Planning Board and staff have developed a process that is interactive, convenient, and compact. Planning Board members — who are appointed by the City Council and County Commissioners and are citizens from Winston-Salem, some of the small towns, and unincorporated Forsyth County — will serve as the Steering Committee for the Update. Input to the Planning Board from the community during the year-long update process will be invited in several different ways, at different times, and at different venues to give citizens a variety of ways to participate.

For more on the Legacy Process, see: