Thursday, April 28, 2011

What Land Use Tasks and Strategies have been completed?

·         Adoption of 20 Area Plans with recommended land uses
·         Revised street/sidewalk standards
·         “Big Box” Retail Text Amendment (City only)
·         Tree Ordinance (City only)
·         Sign Ordinance (City only)
·         Updated Neighborhood Conservation Overlay regulations
·         Added provisions for Agricultural Tourism
·         Voluntary Ag District
·         GMA 2 infill standards (commercial and residential)
·         Setback Reductions for Nonresidential Districts
·         Winston Overlay District for Downtown
·         Phase II Stormwater Requirements
·         Planned Residential Development Ordinance revision
·         Revitalizing Urban Commercial Areas Program
·         Industrial Sites Study
·         Parking reductions in GMA 2
·         Revised Floodplain/Stream Buffer Requirements

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