Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Existing Land Use: Nonresidential

Existing Land Use in Forsyth County
Land Use DesignationAcreagePercentage
Low-Density Residential109,54041
Duplex/Triplex/Quadraplex405Under 1
Office1,186Under 1
Mixed Use53Under 1
Park/Open Space5,5092
Commercial Recreation2,4581
Legacy and Area Plans encourage commercial and office uses in Activity Centers and  in some cases, recommend office and limited commercial development as transitional uses between commercial and residential areas. For the most part, new commercial and office uses have been located in identified Activity Centers. However, some additional strip commercial rezonings have occurred on South Stratford Road, Peters Creek Parkway, University Parkway and some other major arterials. Other sporadic commercial rezoning has been approved in locations not supported by Area Plans. These types of rezoning often seem innocuous; however, they are used as justification for future commercial rezoning.

In order to improve the viability of Activity Centers, further steps must be taken to focus commercial development and continue to promote compact, walkable development. The commercial infill ordinance and RUCA program (Revitalizing Urban Commercial Areas) should help further the Legacy goal of consolidating commercial development.

The need for both new and redeveloped industrial and business sites was recognized in the 2001 Legacy Plan. While a number of new “greenfield” industrial sites have been successfully launched, very few brownfield sites have actually been redeveloped. There are plans for a new airport business park on an old housing site and the Piedmont Triad Research Park will replace some older industrial development as it continues to grow.

Over the past decade, Forsyth County has seen zoning proposals for several mixed-use suburban developments such as Hillcrest, Harper Hill Commons, Village Point in Clemmons and Vernon Farms.  However, true vertical mixed-use (residential and business uses within the same building) seen in other North Carolina communities have not yet been developed here. Some communities  such as the downtown Goler Neighborhood and the Cleveland Avenue area do have Master Plans for such mixed-use development.

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