Friday, April 29, 2011

Themes for the Legacy Update

Look for the following icons throughout the Legacy Update in our discussion sections:
Sustainable Growth: Sustainable growth is the wise use of physical resources which allows us to not only meet our current needs, but have resources for the needs of generations to come.

Livable Design: Livable design through thoughtful development can enhance the safety, prosperity, beauty and quality of life for residents. Livable design is tied to all aspects of a community including housing, neighborhoods, transportation options, facilities, commercial areas and open spaces.

Fiscal Responsibility: Fiscal responsibility deals with providing infrastructure and services to citizens in an efficient manner so that tax rates can remain lower through orderly cost-efficient growth.

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Anonymous said...

At the April 26th meeting it was stated that Forsyth County still has many land use, transportation, environmental etc., problems which means the first Legacy Plan didn't achieve all that was promised or didn't have the correct priorities. While it is agreed that we have to plan for the future, with the present funding shortages, it is also necessary to make the right decisions to assure that the tax payers, as well as the business community, receive a return on their investment.

Mr. C. Robin Dean