Friday, April 29, 2011

What are other communities doing?

While this is the first time Forsyth County has put a specific land use chapter in its Comprehensive Plan, many other cities in North Carolina have used a land use chapter to set out land use policy and growth strategies. Raleigh’s 2030 Comprehensive Plan puts an emphasis on “citywide” growth and the desire to become a model “sustainable city”. The Raleigh Plan includes a land capacity analysis that contains recommendations on how to accommodate the projected 220,000 people expected throughout the plan's duration. One key land use recommendation made in the Raleigh plan is to "promote pedestrian-friendly and transit-supportive development patterns along multi-modal corridors."  

The plan also includes a recommendation that sites within a half-mile of transit stations "be developed with intense residential and mixed-uses to take full advantage of and support the City and region’s investment in transit infrastructure." Wilmington also focuses on sustainable growth with an emphasis making sure their land use decisions do not negatively impact the delivery of public services.

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