Monday, April 11, 2011

Education and three challenges for our community

The trend toward a more educated work force points out three challenges for our community:
  1. We must provide more educational opportunities for our local work force,
  2. We must encourage the continued transition of the economy in our area to embrace the growth of knowledge-based jobs, and
  3. We must have a quality of life that keeps highly educated, skilled workers in Forsyth County.
A high quality of life not only attracts and retains residents, it also is a factor used by corporations  when locating in a community. Quality of life is defined by educational opportunities, fiscal soundness, a healthful and attractive environment, modern urban services and amenities, and recreational and cultural opportunities.
Encouraging key economic drivers such as restorative medicine and other biomedical and high technology initiatives will put our community and region in a good position to compete in the world economy.

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