Thursday, March 24, 2011

62,000 Acres Remaining

*Available land is vacant or underdeveloped land for the purposes of this study - underdeveloped land is defined as tracts larger than five acres in size with improvement values less than $150,000 for commercial/industrial uses or less than $300,000 for residential uses.
A geographic analysis of land availability and current tax records shows that of Forsyth County’s 201,000 acres of Serviceable Land Area: 48% are considered developed; 10% are designated as public rights-of-way; 4% are used for parks, recreation or schools; and 7% are located within undevelopable floodplains. The total amount of land for these classifications is approximately 138,600 acres, which is 69% of the total Serviceable Land Area. This leaves approximately 62,000 acres (31%) as “available,” for future development.

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