Monday, September 5, 2011

What does Legacy say about rural character?

  • Retain our distinctive community character and manage growth by protecting farmland and open space
  • Preserve our rural landscape as an important part of the community’s quality of life
  • Acknowledge and continue to encourage working farms’ viability to our local economy
  • Retain farmland and open space by reducing pressure for development in rural areas by directing growth to the developed areas of the county and away from rural areas
  • Limit public investment in the rural area including roads and sewer extensions to discourage new development and focus development where infrastructure already exists
  • Acquire valuable rural open space and farmlands as special agricultural and cultural districts
  • Use financing mechanisms to preserve farmlands and open space through the purchase of development rights programs (such as the Farmland Preservation Program), transfer of development rights programs, and/or the conservation activities of land trusts
  • Prepare a master plan that includes an inventory of potential farmland preservation sites and develop guidelines to preserve and enhance the county’s rural areas
  • Revise policies governing the use of economic incentives for business development so that these funds are not available for proposed developments in the rural area
  • Limit the use of package treatment plants in the rural area
  • Adopt guidelines that define the conditions under which land in the rural area will be rezoned to more intensive zoning districts and which will preserve the county’s rural areas

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