Thursday, September 8, 2011

Discuss: Package Treatment Plants

Package treatment plants used in the Rural Area to support subdivision activity have proven to cause environmental problems.

How do we address development which plans to install package plants and how do we address problems that arise with existing subdivisions utilizing package plants?

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Anonymous said...

Do not allow any more package plants. Do not allow any more housing developments in rural and semi-rural areas. The day is going to come when we go out and jackhammer up the parking lots to get to the land beneath.

Anonymous said...

It's not clear to me what a "package treatment plant" is, even after glancing at other spots on this website. Can you clarify this issue?

Glenn Simmons said...

Unlike larger municipal sewage treatment plants, "package treatment plants" are smaller, prefabricated sewage treatment facilities which are typically delivered by truck and assembled on site. Package plants are usually privatedly operated and designed for residential or institutional developments at higher densities in locations such as rural areas where municipal sewer service is not available.