Sunday, August 28, 2011

What does Legacy say about Neighborhoods?

  • Locate commercial areas in and near neighborhoods to serve as focal points and reduce automobile trips
  • Include public spaces and amenities in the design of new and retrofitted existing neighborhoods
  • Encourage a sense of community by incorporating features that enhance interaction
  • Ensure neighborhoods are inclusive of all races, ages and incomes
  • Connect streets to have a system of roads that disperse traffic instead of concentrating it on a few roads
  • Revise street standards to address concerns about speeding and safety on residential streets
  • Require sidewalks in standard subdivisions
  • Ensure a variety of quality housing types for all income levels
  • Continue public-private partnerships for the provision of affordable housing
  • Allow accessory apartments with fewer restrictions on occupancy in urban areas
  • Improve the quality of current public housing and disperse units throughout the community
  • Foster a climate that is hospitable to affordable housing developments

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