Monday, August 22, 2011

What does Legacy say about Downtown and the Center City?

  • Create a livable, well-designed and aesthetically appealing Downtown area
  • Make Downtown the dominant focus of economic and social life, a center of civic, entertainment and cultural activities, and a strong symbol of community pride and identity
  • New and restored buildings should be built at a walkable scale with improved streets, sidewalks, signage, lighting and additional green space
  • Attract a variety of businesses that add to the vitality of downtown
  • Utilize Downtown historic resources as an economic catalyst for revitalization
  • Increase tourism and convention activity though the creation of entertainment districts, concerts, ethnic festivals and outdoor cafes
  • Combine public tax money and private financial incentives with public/private partnerships and the marketing of Downtown assets to make downtown a competitive location for development and relocation
  • Provide a large and varied mix of housing in and near Downtown
  • Provide easy access to and around Downtown using public transportation, biking and walking
  • Increase cooperation between the private and public sectors in Downtown development and revitalization

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