Monday, August 22, 2011

Legacy Update:
Downtown and the Center City

The future success of Forsyth County can be closely tied to the continued vitality of Downtown Winston-Salem. As a hub of cultural and economic development and a symbol of our community identity, Downtown and the Center City are the heart of our county. A strong Center City helps us compete on a national level with other similarly sized communities for the attention of corporations and potential residents. Increasingly, people are drawn to urban communities that are compact, have a variety of ways to get from place to place, and mix different land uses together. This urban character which is found in the Center City is an important economic development tool in recruiting companies to our county. Downtown and the Center City have experienced impressive growth and transition the last ten years. In fact, of all the areas in Forsyth County, Downtown and the Center City have had perhaps the greatest success in implementing the recommendations of the 2001 Legacy Plan.

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