Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Downtown/Center City Issue: Business Development

Piedmont Triad Research Park
Downtown should also be promoted as the center of office development in Forsyth County. We should encourage existing companies to stay Downtown and recruit new corporations and organizations here. Recent economic challenges have increased the amount of vacant office space available Downtown. More of this space will likely need to be filled before the market supports significant new office construction in the Center City.

The old industrial buildings at the edges of Downtown provide excellent opportunities for redevelopment as modern manufacturing/research space (such as those converted by PTRP), office/ commercial space, or mixed-use development. The underutilized older buildings and small rental spaces in the Center City are excellent candidates for small business startup space. Business development in Downtown should also include the completion of the PTRP Master Plan, which will ultimately bring 30,000 additional jobs to the area. Lastly, changes to the building code may need to be made to facilitate easier redevelopment of older buildings in the Center City.


Anonymous said...

I unerstand that some cities are trying to encourage downtown building to become energy-self-sufficient. This could be done by designing buildings with solar and wind energy-capturing technology. It sounds expensive, and somewhat outlandish, but perhaps we should consider encouraging such developement. It would certainly give W-S a unique image/identity - City of Arts and Innovation!

Adrian P said...

Well I think that we need to stop trying to save every single building. Lets face it, if we are suppose to be a City of Arts and Innovation, we need to enhance our techniques on how we design and shape our downtown. The truth is that we are a 21st century society. So we should want to attract 21st century buildings that will innovate. Have you ever wondered how uptown Charlotte and downtown Atlanta attracted lots of businesses and corporations? Well they thought big. They saved the buildings that had that history to it and tore the rest down and build it up with high buildings and pedestrian malls. We seriously need a pedestrian mall. This will attract multiple corporations and businesses to the center city. If we fill in downtown, then we can expand and create a larger downtown area.