Thursday, August 25, 2011

Discuss: Downtown Office Vacancy

While Downtown is the center of employment activity in Forsyth County, vacant office space still exists due to corporate consolidation, downsizing and current economic conditions.

How do we encourage tenants to move into vacant office space and contribute to the vitality of Downtown?

When space becomes more saturated, where would new office space contribute best to Downtown revitalization objectives?

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Adrian P said...

Well first off, this is a 21st century market. So part of the big cause for downtown office vacancy is due to the look of the buildings. We seriously need to stop trying to save every building. We need to stop trying to revitalize the whole downtown. We can't serve a 21st century business with a 1920's looking building. That looks unattractive. So what we need to do is first decide which buildings stay and which ones go. After that, we can tear down some buildings and build new ones that is well suitable with the 21st century businesses.