Saturday, June 4, 2011

Historic Resources Commission

1771 Miksch House, Old Salem Historic District
The Forsyth County Historic Resources Commission (HRC) is a 12-member citizen board created in 2002 and is appointed jointly by the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners, the Winston-Salem City Council, the Kernersville Board of Aldermen and the Village of Clemmons Council. Prior to the establishment of the HRC, historic preservation activities were administered by the Forsyth County Historic Properties Commission (formed in 1976) and the Winston-Salem Historic District Commission (formed in 1948). The HRC consists of five appointed representatives from Forsyth County, five from the City of Winston-Salem, one from the Town of Kernersville and one from the Village of Clemmons. In addition to at-large members, there are also designated positions that specify various types of expertise including architecture, architectural history, historic preservation, landscape design, planning, ownership of property in historic districts and ownership of historic landmarks. The HRC’s role is to protect and enrich the county’s cultural, historical, architectural and archaeological heritage through identifying, designating and preserving historic resources. In addition to administrating local historic districts and landmarks, the HRC is involved in various activities relating to historic resources throughout the County such as architectural surveys, National Register nominations, education programs and historic markers.

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