Sunday, June 5, 2011

Community Appearance Programs

RUCA on Waughtown

The Community Crossing program was created by the Community Appearance Commission (CAC) in 1994. The Community Crossing route links the major civic and cultural assets of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County and was envisioned as a means of guiding visitors through the City along a linear gateway. The Community Crossing program runs along University Parkway, Marshall Street, and Main Street between US 52 and I-40. It connects major facilities such as Sci Works, Historic Bethabara, Wake Forest University, the LJVM Coliseum, the Benton Convention Center, Old Salem, and the UNC School of the Arts. Phase Two on the southern end of the Community Crossing project was completed in 2006.

Revitalizing Urban Commercial Areas (RUCAs) are identified locations within the Urban Neighborhoods of Winston-Salem that have been designated for City assistance. In 2006 staff prepared recommendations for public improvements, private site improvements, regulatory changes and financial incentives to help improve the appearance of and revive these declining areas. The City Council approved its first round of funding for RUCAs in 2006, and approved a second round in 2011. While the Community and Business Development Department is responsible for administering the RUCA program, Planning staff is responsible for reviewing individual RUCA proposals for design consistency with the RUCA recommendations. Staff has also provided design assistance for RUCA participants as needed.

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