Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What Planning Issues affect Health and Equity?

Planning issues and policies that affect the creation of complete, equitable communities and community health and well-being include:
  • Land use policy and design that encourages compact, mixed-use communities with accessibility to employment, shopping, health, education, recreational opportunities and services
  • Land use policy that facilitates viable local rural and urban agriculture.
  • Land use policy that facilitates development in underserved and slow growth areas
  • Designing active living communities/neighborhoods that promote healthier, more active lifestyles
  • Designing age-friendly communities/neighborhoods that address the specific needs of children, the elderly and physically challenged
  • Planning and designing communities/neighborhoods to facilitate the use of alternative transportation modes that promote physical activity including biking, walking and transit
  • Transportation policies that facilitate access to jobs, health facilities/services, healthy eating choices, recreation and other community facilities
  • Providing a range of accessible active and passive recreation facilities that contribute to the physical and mental health of the community
  • Providing other community infrastructure, including health, safety and education infrastructure, that meets the needs of all residents of varying demographic and socio-economic groups including children, the elderly, low-income, minority, physically and mentally challenged residents
  • Land use policy, urban design and transportation policy to reduce air pollution

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