Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What does Legacy say about Healthy, Complete and Equitable Communities?

  • Encourage mixed-use development
  • Promote land use patterns and design standards that support public transit, walking and bicycling and reduce automobile trips
  • Design streets to facilitate the use of all modes of transportation
  • Expand public transportation into a countywide transit system
  • Create a bikeway/sidewalk/ greenway network that provides alternative means of transportation and recreational opportunities
  • Improve air quality, which protects the health of our citizens
  • Stimulate new development in slow growth areas
  • Provide parks and recreational facilities to meet the needs of a diverse population
  • Create a system of open spaces that provide recreational opportunities and enjoyment of nature
  • Create a network of greenways that link neighborhoods and activity areas
  • Preserve farmland and open space
  • Develop compact, pedestrian-oriented neighborhoods that contain a mixture of residential and commercial buildings, public spaces and amenities, and offer a variety of transportation options
  • Provide convenient and high quality medical facilities throughout Forsyth County
  • Create communities that are friendly and accessible places for older and disabled people
  • Factor safety into the design of developments, neighborhoods and communities
  • Locate and design educational facilities which provide quality education and are assets to neighborhoods
  • Ensure that a comprehensive program of solid waste management protects public health and the environment

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