Monday, May 30, 2011

Improving Safety and Security

The level of neighborhood safety can positively or negatively impact the health and social well-being of our neighborhoods.

What additional steps can be taken by this community to improve the physical environment in areas identified as lacking neighborhood safety and ensuring that new neighborhoods are designed to facilitate neighborhood safety?

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vickiptl said...

require sidewalks in new construction. examine exisiting roadways to determine if they are pedestrian friendly and retrofit with sidewalks where needed to make amenitities (shopping/banks, etc) and bus stops safely accessible.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately government housing has fostered an environment of dependancy and fatherless children. We are now reaping the what weve sown. A portion of society has grown up without good role modles to teach moral values and work ethics. This is such a deep rooted problem it seems impossible. Not allowing further development of government housing would be a start.

Marva Reid said...

there too many broken and much need of repairs to the sidewalks and presents a Safety hazard for disabled people that have to resort to using the streets.
There should be more Police presence in communities that are known to have offenders of all kinds.
There is a need for more street calming devices in certain areas where drivers are not adhering to the speed limits. We also think there should be more community engagement with the youth at an early age so wipe out those deep rooted problems that are so prevalent in some areas of the City. A City whereby people want to come to raise their kids rather than have a City that the across the railroad track mentality still exists. All communities should and do represent what the city thinks. Be A Different City that is worth Noting and that stands out. Clean up the Whole City and stop colonizing people. Remember Down & Out in Beverly Hills and Trading Places? People act as their environment dictates. Stop thinking that it has to be that way For Winston Salem. Some people think that it is normal to have a ghetto but Winston Salem would stand out if it did not tolerate and encourage ghettos.

JRL said...

Again, give our children a greener community by re-development using LID methodologies and natural systems restoration. Recent studies (referred to on CBS, 60 Minutes) indicate that outlaws are raised in areas without green spaces and schools.