Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What does Legacy say about Land Use?

  • Minimize suburban sprawl
  • Encourage higher development densities and mixed-use development within the Serviceable Land Area 
  • Increase infill development in the Serviceable Land Area 
  • Direct business uses and higher-density residential growth to Activity Centers and Urban Boulevards and discourage strip commercial 
  • Promote land use patterns and transit-oriented design standards that support public transit, walking and bicycling  
  • Preserve farmland, open space and rural character within the Rural Area 
  • Identify new industrial sites and redevelop “brownfield” sites 
  • Avoid premature development of the Future Growth Area until municipal services are present 
  • Limit public investment in the Rural Area and discourage rezonings to more intense districts in the Rural Area 
  • Develop regional coordination of land use planning among the communities of the region 
  • Encourage environmentally-sensitive development which respects natural areas and enhances the quality of the built environment

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