Monday, March 21, 2011

Why update Legacy?

1)   Update the Action Plan and Policy Guide: Since the adoption of the 2001 Legacy Plan, all relevant UDO ordinance changes have been completed, all topical plans recommended by Legacy have been written and adopted, and Area Plans for all but the rural areas of the entire county will be completed by the end of 2011. The relevancy of The Vision developed by Forsyth County citizens is still sound and even more applicable to today’s environment, but it is time to update and extend the 2001 Legacy Plan and detail additional implementation efforts that help achieve the goals.

2)   New Issues: Since Legacy was first adopted, new issues and trends have emerged in Forsyth County and the nation as a whole. Rising gas prices and congested roads have brought a renewed interested in transit, walking and bicycling. Downtown Winston-Salem has made a major comeback in housing, entertainment and the arts. The Heart of the Triad effort has put a regional focus on community development. The changing global economy continues to  bring challenges and opportunities while a new emphasis has been put on sustainability and community health. These important issues can be addressed through the plan update process.

3)   Growing Population and Changing Demographics : Most important is our continued population growth. Forsyth County can expect to see 120,000 additional people by 2030, bringing our total population to almost half a million. With only 62,000 acres of developable land left, how do we apply The Vision to accommodate this growth and keep our current quality of life?

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