Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Guiding Principles

Forsyth County's 2001 Growth Management Plan
The ten guiding principles that underlie the 2001 Legacy Plan are still at the center of our development process:

  1. Create a vibrant mixed-use city center. Promote downtown Winston-Salem as the focus of economic, civic, entertainment and cultural activities. Create distinctive small town centers that are a mix of commercial, civic and residential uses serving the surrounding rural areas.
  2. Create pedestrian-oriented neighborhoods. Offer a choice of housing types and prices at increased densities where appropriate. Provide connected streets and common areas. Include commercial and civic uses within walking distance to reduce auto trips.
  3. Designate growth areas. Use tools including zoning decisions and location of roads, sewers and schools to reinforce growth plans. Favor development in areas where taxpayers already have made an investment in this infrastructure.
  4. Focus commercial development. Locate commercial uses at compact transit- and pedestrian-friendly activity centers that offer an attractive mix of living, working and shopping opportunities.
  5. Provide for real transportation choices. Decrease reliance on the automobile and reduce traffic congestion by investing in attractive alternative modes of transportation such as bus, light rail, bicycle and improved pedestrian facilities.
  6. Preserve open space and protect environmental quality. Develop a system of parks and natural areas connected by a greenway and open space network. Require environmentally sensitive development which respects a site’s natural features.
  7. Recycle and reuse land and older buildings. Actively pursue redevelopment and redevelopment that create distinctive places and a sense of community.
  8. Encourage balanced growth. Actively promote new development in slower growth areas to create a more balanced pattern of development in Forsyth County.
  9. Promote design excellence. Encourage high standards of design in new development and redevelopment that create distinctive places and a sense of community.
  10. Have a plan and then follow it. Work hard to create incentives and refined development process to move us toward our common vision. Grow and change in a way that leaves the legacy of a great community for our children and grandchildren.

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