Friday, March 25, 2011

The catchiest song about urban planning you'll hear today

100,000 people – where will they go?
That’s the question raised in the music video produced by City-County Planning staff, TV13 and local band Kill-basa Bill’s Roadshow. Actually, Forsyth County is expected to grow by 120,000 people over the next two decades and this video is a call for citizens to participate in the update of the City-County Planning Board’s Legacy plan. The other key figure is 62,000 acres – the amount of developable land left in all of Forsyth County.  Those 120,000 people along with the houses, roads, schools, businesses and parks that serve them are going to have to fit on that land unless we want development to leave the county. The Legacy update will be discussed in public meetings, but will also have a new forum – this very website.  Planning staff will post drafts of the plan in progress and citizens are encouraged to offer ideas and give input about how they think their community should grow.
Check back often to participate in your community's long-range plan.

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